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National Diving & Activity Centre
NP16 7LH
Tel: 01291 630 046

Please be advised that the NDAC is closed Monday to Wednesday, so emails and phone calls may not be responded to during this time. Depending on when you make your enquiry it may take a few days before we can get back in touch with you.

The gas room

The Gas Room
This top of the range gas room has recently been fitted and offers one of the UK’s finest facilities.

Our gas room contains some of the most advanced gas mixing equipment available on the market today and has the capacity to provide for all your needs and more.

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The gas room is situated next door to the shop making it convenient to have your cylinders filled and pay for your gas.

The fills are made via Haskell boosters, with a range of gasses available from argon, nitrox, oxygen and trimix all filled to 300 bar if required.

If we are not too busy we will pump all gasses while you wait, and if we are busy, we have over 100,000 litres of double filtered air stored in banks, which means less queuing for you, the customer.

Our gas and air prices are very competitive and w e always strive at the centre to offer you a competitive and accurate range of mixes by our fully trained and qualified staff.

We have also had a state of the art helium analyser so you no longer have to dump the valuable helium based gas in your cylinders in order to allow someone else to "partial pressure cascade". We don't have to mathematically work out your helium and oxygen mixes. We have two oxygen analysers on-line at any one time, and trimix and heliair are physically analysed to +/- 1% accuracy.

The centre has also invested in a brand new state of the art Hamworthy Premiair Compressor with twelve air charging outlets, and a separate three outlet nitrox panel, again making gas fills even quicker if that’s possible.

Cylinders have test dates and are subject to regulations, if your cylinder is out of date or in poor condition we will refuse to fill it. If you need a service on your cylinder why not take it to our technicians. For details of the cylinder servicing and the other services offered by our technicians please visit our servicing page. more>

If you do not currently own a cylinder you can hire one from us (along with pretty much everything you would need to carry out a dive!). more>



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Air & Nitrox costs From 01 Jan 2012


Suit Inflation upto 2 Ltrs upto 3 Ltrs upto 7 Ltrs

upto 10 Ltrs

upto 12 Ltrs

upto 15 Ltrs

upto 18 Ltrs upto 20 Ltrs

upto 24 Ltrs

upto 30 Ltrs


£1.00 £2.10 £2.50 £3.10 £3.40 £3.50 £3.70 £4.10 £5.60 £5.65 £7.10

Air 300 Bar

N/A N/A £3.50 £3.85 £4.00 £4.30 £4.90 N/A £6.20 £6.60 N/A

EANX 28%

N/A N/A £2.60 £3.55 £4.55 £5.40 £6.20 £7.30 £7.90 £8.95 £11.15

EANX 30%

N/A N/A £2.80 £3.70 £4.70 £6.00 £6.60 £7.90 £8.10 £9.30 £11.30

EANX 32%

N/A N/A £3.00 £4.10 £5.40 £6.30 £6.90 £7.90 £9.00 £10.20 £12.00

EANX 36%

N/A N/A £3.10 £4.80 £6.00 £7.00 £8.15 £9.50 £10.40 £12.30 £14.70

EANX 40%

N/A N/A £3.40 £5.45 £7.20 £8.20 £9.70 £11.60 £12.75 £14.75 £17.20

EANX 50%

N/A N/A £4.25 £7.10 £8.70 £11.60 £14.60

EANX 60%

N/A N/A £4.60 £8.15 £10.75 £12.25 £15.25

EANX 70%

N/A N/A £5.35 £9.70 £12.70 £14.70 £17.30

EANX 80%

N/A N/A £6.25 £11.00 £14.60 £16.70 £19.70

Oxygen will be charged at 1.5 pence per lt plus a £1.50 fill charge.

& Heliair

Trimix and Heliair charges are £2.2 pence per ltr of helium used
+ £1.5 pence per ltr of O2 and standard £3.10 charge for the air.

You must show the centre staff your certificate to get any gas other than air.

All gas prices are subject to change without notice.

The centre staff have the right to refuse to fill at their discretion and their decision is final.

All cylinders MUST be in test and correctly labeled for the gas requested.



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