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PADI Discover Scuba Diving
Course Code NDAC-PADI-DSD1

What is the Discover Scuba Diving Experience all about then?

This experience is undoubtedly one of the world’s most popular introductions to scuba diving course available to you, if you’re looking for a convenient way to try scuba, and broaden your horizons.

The Discover Scuba Diving Course skills may also be credited toward a PADI Open Water Diver Certification.

Prior to starting the session you will watch the short PADI Discover Scuba video or receive a full briefing by one of our instructors before entering the water. During your pool session you'll master some basic concepts and scuba skills by taking out your regulator from your mouth, breath from an alternative air source, clear your own mask all of which will be underwater under closed supervision.

Escape to a different world.   Scuba takes you to a different world with new colours, shapes, textures and creatures – a world where the roles you play – husband, wife, mother, father, friend – take on a new dimension. Become a scuba diver and escape to a peaceful place to renew your energy and excite your senses.

Explore new places. Scuba diving frees you to explore the underwater world – from historic shipwrecks and pristine reefs to the mysteries of your local quarry. Become a scuba diver and explore what you’ve been missing.

Experience a connection with nature; a feeling of freedom, and a transformation. Diving connects you with nature. It immerses you in new sensations and experiences. It transforms your perception of life forever. Become a diver and transform yourself.

The course is held from The National Diving & Activity Centre, in Tidenham. This is where all the course paperwork is filled out before starting the course you must complete and sign a PADI Discover Scuba program statement (which must be correctly filled out prior to the start of the course). You will not be allowed to attend the course until the course has been paid for (in full) and that the correct forms have been given to your instructor. (If you have access to the Internet then you will be able to download the forms and bring them with you at the start of the course). We would ask that you arrive at the centre 1 hour before your course starts (unless you are going directly to the pool under your own arrangements) this will allow us to get all the paperwork side of life sorted out and confirm what size equipment you will require this will also give you more time in the pool.

Staff Qualifications
We hold a full list of our Instructors qualifications at the centre; a copy of the Professional Advance Diving Instructors (PADI) Certification is available for upon request. This certification is also on the via the PADI website.

Our staff hold the highest national qualifications and have extensive experience throughout the world.  Our high staff to student ratio, and our philosophy enables us to coach in a modern and progressive manner that tailors our delivery to meet your individual needs.

Full Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks have been carried out on all our diving instructors who work at the centre, a copy of the CRB certification is held at the centre and available upon request.

Where will the pool skills take place
The pool we use is based in Lydney, about a 10 minute drive from the Diving Centre at Tidenham.

Personal lockers are available at a cost of £1.00 coin per locker (you get your £1.00 coin back when you leave the changing rooms).

And most courses are run at weekends.

Male and female changing areas at the swimming pool.

Pool Timings are as follows
Sunday sessions start at 11.30hrs
Out of the water by 17.00hrs

The pool in Lydney is around 25m long and 10m wide. It has 5 lanes swimming lanes and is an indoor pool that means no matter what time of the year it has a constant temperature of around 29.5C (85.1F).

The depth of pool is around1.8 m at the deep end & 0.9m in the shallow end.

The swimming pool has a viewing area where family or friends can come and watch.

We do not allow any photography unless it is by the parents or legal guardian of the child in question and images can only be taken of their own children.

The National Diving & Activity Centre
The National Diving & Activity Centre was originally a Limestone Quarry; it still retains its character despite years of improvements that offers one of the UK’s finest Inland dive sites, with depths from 1m down to an impressive 82.9m. We train student from the basic entry-level courses in the pool, right up to the professional level courses with a training programme that is second to none. We also have some of the UK’s finest Specialist Police Diving Teams who regularly train at the centre. We also have regular visits from The Army, Navy and Royal Air Force who all benefit from a special discounted rate. We also have a large membership following of divers and have just launched our own in house dive club that offers numerous benefits to its members. We have an indoor and outdoor catering dinning area that serves a selection of hot and cold food every day the site is open from a Bacon Butte to a Full breakfast, Curry Lunch and a vegetarian option not too mention a large selection of hot and cold drinks.

We also have on site heated changing rooms and toilets for your convenience. We have a state of the art gas and air blending station that can offer every fill you could ever imagine, we even look after the local air rifle association. The site also has a well-stocked shop that sells a vast array of diving products and an extensive range of outdoor clothing.

What will I need?
All equipment is from our very own pool of extensive dive training gear, and all technical equipment will be provided.  We advise you not to rush out and buy kit for the course, but use it as a chance to find out what would best suit your needs.  The following list is a suggestion of what you should bring with you for your course.

Equipment List

  • Normal clothing that you are comfortable wearing to your local swimming pool
  • Swimming Costume / Trunks (to include a spare T - Shirt and shorts to wear over your costume or trunks while in the pool).
  • Personal Toiletries / Medication
  • Towel for drying yourself after the session.
  • Camera for some happy snaps.
  • A small amount of cash for your personal locker, there are vending machine available at the pool that offers hot, cold drinks and snacks.

Once you have completed your course you will receive a certificate of achievement from you instructor.
Our PADI Snorkeiling Course/Discover Scuba/Discover Scuba Diving, PADI Scuba Diver, PADI Open Water certification and the wide variety of PADI programs are available to help you further your adventure.

If you would like any further advice, support or just wish to share your experiences with us then please either pop into the centre, call us or send an e-mail, we would love to hear from you. Please remember we are not just offering you a diving course or a retail purchase we are offering the opportunity to be a member of our own diving community. So please invest in us so we can invest in you, happy diving from all staff at NDAC.

Why not purchase a “Take the Plunge Gift Card” for a loved one; friend or family member they make a fantastic gift or present that can be exchanged anytime throughout the year. more>


Duration Cost Previous Experience/ Notes Dates
Approximately 1 hour Price with full equipment is £10 Minimum Ages: 10 yrs. 06 Jul 08
03 Aug 08
07 Sep 08
05 Oct 08
02 Nov 08
07 Dec 08
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