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Damian and Phil’s cycle challenge for Sparkle

Saturday, September 14th, 2013

Lands End John O Groats

SparkleOver the Summer Damian and Phil cycled the length of Britain with an NDAC logo on their sleeves to help raise funds for Sparkle Appeal – South Gwent Children’s Foundation.

They have raised almost £4.500 so it would be great if you could help them get there.

To make a donation to this wonderful cause visit:

The Sparkle Appeal takes a holistic approach to improving the lives of 1,200 children and young people each year with severe & complex disabilities/developmental delay living in Newport, South Monmouthshire & South Torfaen, by providing educational, leisure & family facilities & activities.

57,640 hot brews served in Chepstow’s View Cafe Bar

Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

58 Thousand Cups of Tea!

It has been a very busy year at our Activity Centre’s View Cafe Bar in Chepstow.

Here are some recent catering statistics. Between 01 April 2012 – 01 April 2013:

View Cafe Bar, Chepstow  •   we served 24,900 cups of coffee

  •   9,850 cups of hot chocolate

  •   22,890 cups of tea

That’s around 57,640 hot brews had by visitors to the National Diving & Activity Centre over the past 12 months!

We have been delighted by all the supportive comments and feedback and we will continue to work hard and invest in the centre to ensure that we are the most forward thinking and friendly dive and activity centre in the UK. – judging by the increased visitor numbers month on month we must be doing something right!

If you have any comments of suggestions we would love to hear from you

Multi Activity Weekend 15-19 August 2013 at NDAC Chepstow.

Saturday, August 10th, 2013

Activity Weekend at the NDAC Chepstow

The Wire Zip SlideNext weekend there are loads of activities happening at the National Diving & Activity Centre (NDAC), Chepstow. In fact, we’ve so much happening that we’ve extended the weekend from the 15th to 19th August!

Below are some of the activities happening at the NDAC, click on the links for further information or to book.

The spectacular 400ft, UK’s Highest Bungee jump from UK Bungee Club will be on the site.

Segway rallies will be running on the site 15-19 August.

The Wire is one of the UK’s longest, tallest and fastest zip slides, running the 700 metre length of the NDAC Quarry is available for bookings all weekend.

Finally we also have Water walking Zorb Balls and Fly Boards operating over the waters of the quarry if you fancy water walking!

The Segway and Bungee Jumps are now fully booked, but we do have spaces available on the Wire and our Fly Boarding Experience.

Even if you don’t want to take part in the Activities; everyone is welcome to come along and watch the action whilst relaxing and enjoying the great food & drink and spectacular views of our View Cafe Bar.

Why not make a weekend of it and stay at our Wigwam Village.

Hope to see you there, it’s going to be a fantastic weekend!

Marine Conservation Society (MCS) at NDAC Sunday 4th August 2013

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

mcs marine conservation society at NDAC Chepstow

MCS Seasearch Diver

The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) will be at the National Diving and Activity Centre on Sunday 4th August between 9:30am and 4pm


The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) has been the voice for our seas for almost 30 years and we want to see better protection for marine wildlife, sustainable fisheries and clean seas and beaches. MCS talks to individuals, communities, industry and Government to work towards solutions that will achieve our vision of seas fit for life.


sea search


MCS offers divers the opportunity to report their wildlife sightings, and get trained in Seasearch – a project for volunteer sports divers to learn more about and help protect the marine environment around our British coasts, by mapping out the seabed and recording what lives in each area.


Great British Marine AnimalsMCS staff member Guy Allen will be at the National Diving and Activity Centre on Sunday 4th August between 9:30am and 4pm, with a stand packed with information on the charity’s campaigns and programmes, and will offer divers the chance to become a member. Those who become a member on the day will receive a copy of the fantastic ‘Great British Marine Animals’ book by Paul Naylor.


Help protect our amazing but fragile seas, shores and wildlife. With your support, the charity can do more vital work this year and beyond. Go to, call 0300 3300 704 or chat to Guy Allen at the National Diving and Activity Centre.

The Summer GUE Experience Day 27th July 2013

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

GUE Training Day at NDAC

Interested or curious about GUE but never had the opportunity to see what the fuss is about or ask questions from people that will give you straight answers?
Have an annoying issue with buoyancy or confidence in the water?
A little rusty after the winter?

Then this day is for you.

Global Underwater ExplorersFor only £25 you will receive guidance on your diving skills, video feedback and tips on how to improve your diving skills, and an insight into the GUE style of diving, without having to make a heavy investment in time or money. We’ll show you how to make your fin kicking more effective, how to take the stress out of ascents, and even how to swim backwards. Afterwards you can attend a talk titled "pushing the easy button – taking the stress out of diving". You can bring any equipment, dive any gas.

This day is aimed at recreational and technical divers looking into GUE for the first time. You don’t need any specific gas, any specific equipment. As long as you have an open water qualification then you can just turn up and take part. You can take what you want from the day and leave the rest.

We will create an environment where people feel free to ask whatever questions like they like, and to watch demonstrations of the skills we teach, and even get some video feedback and advice on their own skills.

Register online now>

Location and Date
This event is being held from 0830 on Saturday the 27th July 2013 at the National Diving & Activity Centre in Chepstow (Location Map).

We will be covering the following
  •  Discussion – The origins and goals of GUE
  •  Discussion – The strengths and techniques of buoyancy control
  •  Dive 1 – Demonstration of trim and buoyancy control
  •  Dive 1 – Practice and video of trim and buoyancy control with in water feedback
  •  Dive 1 – Ascent with stops practice
  •  Discussion and hands-on – Kit configuration
  •  Discussion – Why team diving?
  •  Dive 2 – SMB demonstration
  •  Dive 2 – Valve drill demonstration
  •  Dive 2 – Ascent with stops practice
  •  Video Feedback for all divers
  •  Q&A

Evening TAlk- "pushing the easy button – taking the stress out of diving" in the View Cafe Bar at NDAC.

Organising several of these events throughout the year costs a significant amount of time and money. Nonetheless, I feel it important that these events continue to be run as non-profit. So the small registration fee is there to encourage those who sign up to turn up, and also to cover some of the direct costs of organising the event. Other than these direct costs, all proceeds from the event will go to the RNLI. The last event we ran ended up with over £150 donated to the RNLI.

These events have become so popular that I have had to limit the registration to keep the numbers small. This enables us to answer everyone’s questions, and also to have time to look at everyone in the water. So, registration for this event is limited to 10 people.

Registration is now open. If you have any questions about this event, please do not hesitate to contact Gareth (Garf) Burrows. Please note that this is a non-profit event. all proceeds beyond direct costs go to the RNLI.

To attend this event, all you need to do is register at DiveDIR.

If you need accomodation there are Wooden wigwams on site at The National Diving & Activity Centre.

Food and drink is available at the View Cafe Bar

These events are always a great laugh, and people seem to get a lot out of them. Here’s what they have said in the past…

"I just could not believe the skill level of these divers. It’s one thing to
know you are below the bar, it’s quite another to realise the bar can
be set far higher than you thought possible.


" presumed the GUE instructors would be boot-camp military types,
but they were just very relaxed and laid back divers – albeit divers
with incredible knowledge and skill, and the ability to pass on that
knowledge. In all honesty I went to prove a point, but after an
hour realised I had a lot to learn.


"A day’s education from two GUE instructors for £25?
whether you were interested in GUE or not a lot of people
must be kicking themselves for missing this

"I realised two things in the first hour. Firstly, the bar set
by GUE standards is like nothing I have experienced before.
Secondly these guys do not preach – but they are incredibly
well trained to teach

"As a single tank diver, I expected to feel like an alien,
but was welcomed to the crowd. Forget about the fact
it was a GUE day. It was just a bunch of divers enjoying
the sunshine.

We hope to see you there. If anyone has any questions, please contact garf at

Free Presentation at View Cafe Bar: “pushing the easy button – taking the stress out of diving”

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

Tips and tricks for diversGUE

Pushing the easy button
Taking the stress out of diving

Saturday 27th July 2013
A FREE presentation in the View Cafe Bar at the National Diving & Activity Centre, Chepstow
Starts at 7pm – all welcome
GUE Instructor Gareth Burrows

A multi media exploration of stress in diving, and how to eliminate it

In a free presentation, Instructor Gareth Burrows explains how divers make life difficult for themselves and, more importantly, how to avoid the same mistakes and push the easy button to remove all stress from diving. Uses video and practical demonstrations.

We are also hosting a GUE Experience Day

Equipment Selection

How to avoid the same purchasing mistakes made by everyone else, save a fortune,
and ensure your equipment never lets you down when you need it most.

How to decide what you need, and what to buy.

How to select emergency and backup equipment.

How to become totally relaxed with your equipment.

Diver Trapped in a Wreck

In-water skills

How to become a buoyancy control god andtake the fear and worry out of ascents and SMB work.

Learn how to hugely reduce the amount of gas you use.

Learn how to minimise the risks of panic and rapid ascents and have longer, more relaxed dives.

Diver entangled in fishing line

Eliminate surface stress

How to take the stress out of dive planning, kitting up, kitting down, and moving equipment around.

How to work as a team to plan and execute completely stress free dives

scuba diver run out of gas

View Cafe BarWith breathtaking views overlooking our Chepstow quarry, the View Café Bar serves an extensive range of hot & cold meals as well as a wide selection of beers, wines and soft drinks from the licensed bar.

Accommodation is avaialable in our Wigwam Village >

If you would like to host an event at the View Cafe Bar in Chepstow, please get in touch

Fly Boarding returns to NDAC Chepstow this Summer

Friday, June 14th, 2013

Water Fly Boards at NDAC

Water Walking Zorbing at NDAC ChepstowFlying Water Boards and the Water Walkers are coming back to the NDAC Chepstow

These flying boards are a truly indescribable experience! Easy to pick-up, your instructor controls the throttle so you are always controlled and in safe hands. 18+

We also have the water walkers floating above the water over the weekend if you don’t fancy getting wet

The event will be running on the following dates from 8am to 6pm (Rain or Shine)

• Saturday August 17th 2013

• Sunday August 18th 2013

Call Liz or Steve on 07717 152926 to book your slot






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