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NDAC Closed Thursday 1st March – Sunday 4th March due to weather conditions

Tuesday, February 27th, 2018

Snow at NDAC Chepstow

Due to the conditions on site and on the local roads, we have decided to close the NDAC for all activities and accommodation Thursday 1st, Friday 2nd, Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th March 2018.

We are experiencing bitterly cold winds, icy roads and snow showers. Driving conditions are dangerous and the Met Office advice is to avoid driving unless essential.

We plan to reopen as normal on Thursday 8th March.

Anyone with a booking will be contacted via email.

We apologise in advance for any inconvenience.

24 Hour Scuba Dive – Underwater Marathon in Aid of Headway Brain Injury Charity (16th & 17th September 2017)

Friday, September 1st, 2017

24 Hour Scuba

Two scuba divers who survived devastating brain injuries are to lead a 24-hour underwater scubathon to raise funds for a charity which helps people who have suffered a brain injury.

Members of Cheltenham Sub-Aqua Club, regular visitors to the National Diving & Activity Centre, will work as a relay team to spend a full day underwater led by divers James Neal and Neal Breeden.

Over the weekend 16th & 17th September we will also be holding a demonstration day and raffle with prizes from Apeks, Suunto, Fourth Element, Maxshow, Sea & Sea and Fathom Outdoors. We also have 3 dive computers donated to the NDAC Shop by Suunto where all the money from the sale will go towards the fundraising. There are more prizes to follow and tickets are available from the NDAC shop.

On the demo days we have Liquid SportsMares, SSI , Sea & Sea, TDI, Fourth Element and Maxshow.

Headway Brain Injury CharityJames, 47, a technical diver and instructor from Symonds Yat, in the Wye Valley, suffered a devastating subarachnoid haemorrhage following the rupture of an undiagnosed aneurysm, which led to a grade four bleed on the brain.

Neal, 48, Cheltenham SAC’s secretary also survived a brain injury, after suffering a major stroke nearly ten years ago, in 2008, which left him needing to use a wheelchair.

Now the pair are organising the scubathon in aid of UK brain injury charity Headway, which supported James during his initial recovery. They hope to raise in excess of £5000.

The dive will begin on Saturday 16th September and finish at midday on Sunday 17th September, at the National Diving and Activity Centre in Chepstow.

James says, as well as supporting Headway, he wants to raise awareness of brain injuries and highlight some of the prejudices that go hand in hand with what is described as an ‘invisible disability’.

After he was treated, James, who ran his own business, says all he wanted to do was get back in the water and enjoy scuba diving again. That desire drove his initial rehabilitation.

24 hour scuba challengeHe said: “I was able to return to some level of fitness and get back in the water but I had a great deal of support from my scuba diving friends. Without Cheltenham Sub Aqua Club my life would have become very lonely. I owe them an enormous debt of gratitude.

“I suffered a subarachnoid haemorrhage and whilst I might appear completely recovered on the outside, you can’t and don’t see what I have to deal with, or understand the problems I face, on a daily basis.

“I’m learning to manage my condition but it’s still difficult and I have suffered some horrendous discrimination as a result of people not understanding my disability. But Cheltenham Sub Aqua Club has remained a constant in my post injury life. I don’t know what I would have done without them.

“I suffer terribly from fatigue. Immediately after the injury I was able to stay conscious for perhaps 20 minutes at a time. Now as the day goes on I get more and more fatigued. And there is a huge difference between tiredness and fatigue.

“If you are tired you can keep going. With fatigue you can’t and your body starts to shut down. You become irritable and lose the ability to think straight. Eventually you will lose consciousness. That’s not falling asleep!”

He added: “Brain injuries not only change your life but also your personality. You wake up a different person.”

“If you suffer a head or brain injury it can take a long, long time to recover and in fact you might never recover, at least not fully.

Neal, who worked as an upholsterer before suffering his major stroke when he was just 39, says Headway is an amazing organisation that few people will have heard of.

He said: “When James had his haemorrhage he did experience some real issues from people who just didn’t understand because of their ignorance. People who he thought were his friends turned on him and blatantly discriminated against him. It was horrible to witness, I can’t begin to imagine how it made him feel. Look at a person with crutches or a wheelchair and the disability is obvious. But you can’t easily see a subarachnoid haemorrhage.”

“James and I dive together a great deal and understand each other and our respective limitations in a way perhaps other people don’t. We know what makes each other tick. It’s a very special bond that only  people that have been through what we have could ever really understand.”

He added: “Hopefully we will raise a good deal of money for Headway; the whole club is behind the event. And divers from across the country are supporting us.

Ali Hendley, Manager at Headway Gloucestershire, said the money raised by the underwater scubathon would be very valuable and said: “Giving brain injury survivors the chance to re-learn old skills and develop new ones is what Headway is all about.

To sponsor Cheltenham Sub Aqua Club visit:

Further Details

Cheltenham Sub Aqua Club
Cheltenham SAC Website
Cheltenham SAC Facebook

Headway Twitter
Headway Website
Headway Facebook


Mad Hatter’s Tea Party this Easter at the NDAC Chepstow

Thursday, February 16th, 2017

FREE screening of Alice In Wonderland at our Drive-In Cinema
Mad Hatter's Tea Party at the National Diving & Activity Centre, Chepstow this Easter
A Great Easter Night Out. Don't Be Late!

Follow the white rabbit to Wonderland this Easter and join us for a great night out at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

"We’re all Mad here!"

Get together with your friends or family, dress up and and embrace the fantasy experience of a Mad Hatters Tea Party at the National Diving & Activity Centre, Chepstow. You might even see the Mad Hatter himself with Alice!

Book your tickets online here »

Scroll down and follow the rabbit for full details…

Buy Your Tickets Here for just £20 Per Person

"Eat me… Drink Me"

There will be food and drinks, lots of fun, a complimentary glass of Prosecco with strawberry for the adults and a small gift for each child.

The Mad Hatters Tea Party will be held in the Water View Marquee, with breathtaking views over our lake and specially dressed for the occasion. The room will be decked out with vintage china, cake stands, teapots, bunting and themed decorations.

Water View Marquee Chepstow

FREE Entry to Drive-In Cinema

Following the Tea Party you can enjoy watching Johnny Depp star as the Mad Hatter at a FREE screening of Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland at our Drive-In Cinema.

All of this for just £20 per person.

  • Mad Hatter’s Tea Party with tea, coffee, juices, sandwiches and cakes.
  • Includes a complimentary glass of Prosecco with strawberry for the adults.
  • Free entry to see Johnny Depp in Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland at our Drive-In Cinema (8:30pm).
  • Fancy dress or Vintage outfits are optional.
  • Small gift for each child.

Book your tickets online here »


Free Entry to Drive-In Cinema Chepstow

"Don’t be late
for this very important date"

The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party will be running from Good Friday to Easter Monday

  • Friday 14th April 2017 (Good Friday)
  • Saturday 15th April 2017
  • Sunday 16th April 2017 (Easter Sunday)
  • Monday 17 April 2017 (Easter Monday)
    Spaces available – Book this date»

"The time, the time,
who’s got the time?"

The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party starts at 6:45pm.

The Alice In Wonderland Drive-In Cinema screening will start at 8:30pm.

Book your Mad Hatter tickets here »


Good Friday 14th April, Saturday 15th April, Easter Sunday 16th April, Easter Monday 17th April

“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?"
"That depends a good deal on where you want to get to."

"I don’t much care where –"

"Then it doesn’t matter which way you go.”

Follow the rabbit hole to Wonderland at the National Diving & Activity Centre, just outside Chepstow on the A48

  National Diving & Activity Centre
  Tidenham, Chepstow
  NP16 7LH




Why not make a night of it? – We offer overnight accommodation in our Wooden Wigwam Village, with a range of wigwams to suit all budgets.

Contact us

If you have any questions about this event please contact us via our online form, or by calling

Please be advised that the NDAC office is closed Monday to Wednesday, so emails and phone calls may not be responded to during this time. Depending on when you make your enquiry it may take a few days before we can get back in touch with you.

Book your Mad Hatter tickets here »


Glamping Cabins Chepstow
Free Screening of Alice In Wonderland at the Drive-In Cinema
Buy Your Tickets Here for just £20 Per Person
Water View Marquee
Drive In Cinema Chepstow
The View Cafe Bar


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