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Winter GUE Experience Day – 31st January 2015

Monday, January 5th, 2015

GUE Winter Experience Day

Global Underwater ExplorersInterested or curious about GUE but never had the opportunity to see what the fuss is about or ask questions from people that will give you straight answers? Then this day is for you. For only £25 you will receive guidance on your diving skills, video feedback and tips on how to improve, and an insight into the GUE style of diving, without having to make a heavy investment in time or money.

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The National Diving and Activity Centre, Chepstow. 0900 on 31st January 2015. Meet in the View Cafe Bar

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GUE believe in safety through competence, easy diving through highly developed buoyancy, awareness and team skills. We believe in getting the most out of every dive, and making sure we all come home safely. You’ll see it’s possible to do a valve drill in 3 metres of water without moving, to share gas and ascend without drama, to communicate using torches, to put up an SMB mid water with zero stress and no motion. We’ll show you how to move efficiently through the water in any direction, and ascend under complete control. We’ll show you the GUE equipment standard, and answer any questions you have about it. We’ll even advise you on optimising your own gear – if you want us to.

We will be covering the following

• Discussion – The origins and goals of GUE

• Discussion – The strengths and techniques of buoyancy control

• Dive 1 – Demonstration of trim and buoyancy control

• Dive 1 – Practice and video of trim and buoyancy control with in-water feedback

• Dive 1 – Ascent with stops practice

• Discussion and hands-on – Kit configuration

• Discussion – Why team diving?

• Dive 2 – SMB demonstration

• Dive 2 – Valve drill demonstration

• Dive 2 – Ascent with stops practice

• Video Feedback for all divers

• Q&A


As long as you are a qualified diver, you are welcome. You can use whatever gear you normally use. We’ve had single cylinder divers, twinset divers, rebreather divers, sidemount divers. You can take what you want from the day and leave the rest. It doesn’t matter if you are a technical diver with thousands of dives, or an open water single cylinder diver with 10 dives, you’ll get a lot out of the day. We will create an environment where people feel free to ask whatever questions like they like, and to watch demonstrations of the skills we teach, and even get some video feedback and advice on their own skills – without being bombarded with loads of GUE people.


Organising several of these events throughout the year costs a significant amount of time and money. Nonetheless, I feel it important that these events continue to be run as non-profit. So the small registration fee of £25.00 is there to encourage those who sign up to turn up, and also to cover some of the direct costs of organising the event. Other than these direct costs, all proceeds from the event will go to the RNLI. The last event we ran ended up with £100 donated to the RNLI.


If you need accomodation there are Wooden wigwams on site at The National Diving & Activity Centre.

Food and drink is available at the View Cafe Bar


Here’s what other people have said.

"I couldn’t believe it. I had been struggling with my trim for years.
Ten minutes in the water with a GUE instructor and it was sorted
out. Best £25 i ever spent on diving.


" I presumed the GUE instructors would be boot-camp military types,
but they were just very relaxed and laid back divers – albeit divers
with incredible knowledge and skill, and the ability to pass on that
knowledge. In all honesty I went to prove a point, but after an
hour realised I had a lot to learn.


"I was fascinating to have so many myths busted in one day,
and also feedback on my buoyancy control which has taken
all the stress out of ascending

"I realised two things in the first hour. Firstly, the bar set
by GUE standards is like nothing I have experienced before.
Secondly these guys do not preach – but they are incredibly
well trained to teach

"As a single tank diver, I expected to feel like an alien,
but was welcomed to the crowd. Forget about the fact
it was a GUE day. It was just a bunch of divers enjoying
the sunshine.

How to register.

Registration is easy. Just fill out the simple form and pay your £25 registration fee through paypal.

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