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Demonstration Day. Saturday 6th September 2014

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

Demonstration Day NDAC Chepstow

On Saturday 6th September we will be holding a demonstration day at the National Diving & Activity Centre (NDAC).

There will be demonstration products from the following.

Aqua Lung UK
Atomic Aquatics
BARE Sports

Call by the stands where experts Christine Wilson and Justin Hanning will be on hand for any advice

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wristbands for divers visiting the NDAC

Sunday, July 13th, 2014

Wristbands at NDAC

We are now operating a wristband system for all the divers visiting the NDAC.

Each diver will be given a wrist band to wear when they book into the site and will be asked to wear it during their visit.

Who says diving in the UK isn’t fun!

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

Here’s a fantastic film from the Oyster Diving club filmed at the National Diving & Activity Centre, Chepstow.

It features some great views of the site above and below the water line.

“Who says diving in the UK isn’t fun!”

The Oyster Diving Dive Club is aimed at people who like to dive, try new adventures and have some fun. They will take you to places that you have seen on TV, may have read about , have historical importance and have an abundance of marine life. Find out more on the Oyster Diving website>

SDI/TDI Crossover Course – 21st & 22nd February 2013

Saturday, February 2nd, 2013

SDI/TDI Crossover Course with Mark Powell at NDAC Chepstow. 21 & 22 February 2013

SDI TDIWe have a SDI/TDI crossover course running at the National Diving & Activity Centre over the 21st & 22nd February 2013 with Mark Powell. Mark is the resident Technical Instructor at Dive-Tech and author of Deco for Divers: Decompression Theory and Physiology.

The SDI crossover course is open to any recreational instructor.

The TDI course is only open to those that meet the prerequisites. You would need to be a tech instructor with a TDI recognised agency, i.e. IANTD, NAUI or GUE. In addition you can only cross over to a TDI Instructor level if you meet the prerequisites for each level.

These include:

•   Online crossover course

•   2 day cross over course

•   Full set of SDI/TDI Instructor manuals

•   SDI/TDI Standards and Procedures

•   Full set of student materials for the courses you can teach

•   2013 SDI/TDI Instructor registration

For the SDI crossover you will only need to do the 21st February which will be classroom based.

If you want to do the TDI crossover you will need to do both days with 21st being in the classroom and then 22nd being an evaluation of skills and teaching techniques.

If you are interested in the SDI/TDI crossover course at the NDAC Chepstow then email Mark Powell via: .


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Royal Engineer Divers get to grips with life underwater at NDAC

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

Royal Engineers Advanced Diver Training at NDAC Quarry

The National Diving & Activity Centre has featured in the latest Edition of Soldier Magazine.Soldier Magazine features NDAC Dive Site

Soldier Magazine visited Royal Engineers that were undertaking their advanced diver training at our Chepstow Scuba Centre. The result was a three page article detailing the training and work the Royal Engineer Divers carry out.

The depth of the NDAC and the numerous onsite resources make our dive centre the perfect location to undertake this kind of training.

Prior to starting the challenging advanced diver training programme at the NDAC, the Sappers passed a selection phase and then completed a basic diving course.

The six-week diver training schedule teaches personnel to master the open space diving system as well as how to operate tools such as hydraulic cutters, breaking equipment and thermal cutting systems.

The Sappers also developed a range of new skills including underwater concreting and advanced reconnaissance, which can be used to locate submerged vehicles in theatre.

"In theatre, the diving teams have been doing a variety of Royal Engineerswork. This includes body recoveries, the salvage of weapons from the bottom of wells or canals and underwater demolition tasks" explains Capt Steve Crosby-Jones (RE), the diving officer who coordinates serials for the basic and advanced courses. "They are a team and asset that are crucial to operations, especially when guys lose equipment such as rifles and radios. – There is no other capability that can recover that kit."

To read the full article, a summary is available on the Soldier Magazine website here> or you can download a PDF here> (PDF 2.5MB)

Soldier magazine is the magazine of the British Army, published for the UK Armed Forces by the Ministry of Defence. Soldier magazine is available for subscription here >

Afraid we can’t teach you underwater demolition courses, but for your own Advanced Open Water Diver training why not visit the NDAC Dive School.



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