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Trade in your VR Computer for 25% off a new Liquivision

Sunday, November 17th, 2013

Trade in VR Computer for Liquivision
Liquivision X1 at the NDAC

We are happy to announce that we are running a LIQUIVISION – VR dive computer trade-in offer.

The offer is effective immediately at the NDAC Dive Shop and will run until Friday 31st January 2014.

The offer gives customers 25% off Suggested Retail Price on any LIQUIVISION dive computer in the current range against any VR dive computer (and the VR computer doesn’t even have to be in working condition!).

Liquivision Dive Computers include the Liquivision X1, the Xeo trimix computer, the Xen bottom timer, the Kaon air & nitrox computer and the Lynx air-integrated computer.

Compare the range of Liquivision Dive Computers here>

The offer is restricted to LIQUIVISION dive computers only (accessories are not included) against VR dive computers only and is limited to one trade-in per customer.

SEA & SEATo take part in this fantastic offer; submit your VR computer for trade-in approval to Sea & Sea Ltd via the NDAC Dive Shop. Sea & Sea Ltd will then ship your shiny new LIQUIVISION computer back to us when the application is approved.

Applications must be registered with the NDAC Shop by the end of the day, Friday 31st January 2014 to qualify.

The Ultimate Diving Machine
from Dan Warter (DCS Films.

Vote now in the DIVER Awards 2013

Sunday, November 17th, 2013

Divernet Diver Awards 2013

We are pleased to announce that the National Diving and Activity Centre is a contender for Dive Centre of the Year in the DIVER Awards 2013.

These awards are your opportunity to reward the people, places and equipment that have helped you to enjoy some great underwater experiences in 2013.

If you have enjoyed your visits to our Dive Centre during 2013, it would be great if you could share your appreciation and give us a vote. The National Diving and Activity Centre is listed as NDAC Chepstow in the category of Dive Centre of the Year.

Vote Online Now >

You can also vote using the form on page 87 (not a photocopy) of the December issue of DIVER Magazine (on sale 21 November). Whether voting is carried out online or on paper, you must complete all the fields on the form, i.e. vote in all categories, in order for your form to be counted.

Content below from DIVERNET

DiverNet Award Statuette

"It’s time to cast your votes in the 16th Diver Awards, the original prestigious accolades for the cream of the diving industry. Valuable bronze statuettes and mass recommendations of businesses to other divers are at stake!

Whether it’s dive centres, retailers, liveaboards, brands, new products, tour operators or entire nations, nominate those who deserve your praise. As for those who displeased you during 2013, just ignore them!

The good guys will rise to the top through your support, and they’re the ones you want to see holding those handsome Diver statuettes when they’re presented in public at the London International Dive Show in February.

You have until the first chime of midnight as New Year’s Day breaks to cast your votes – but don’t leave it until then and be the only person not partying. Do it now!

Of one thing you can be sure – in 2014 the winners will literally be trading on their Diver Awards success. So make sure those winners are the right ones!

How to vote

If you’re not sure who to vote for, jog your memory by checking out nominations to date on the Select list. If you know who or what you want to vote for but can’t find it on that list, click on Other and enter your choice. Please note that Diver cannot accept more than one vote per person.

Vote Now >

The Award Categories

DIVER Brand of the Year Which badge on your dive gear speaks volumes about quality and reliability?

DIVER Product of the Year Which do you consider the most exciting item of kit to emerge in 2010?

DIVER Tour Operator of the Year Which company is best at arranging diving package holidays?

DIVER Dive Centre of the Year Which centre, anywhere in the world, seems to get it right more often than not?

DIVER Liveaboard of the Year It may be the facilities, the crew or the itinerary – name your ideal boat.

DIVER Dive Destination of the Year Name the best country for divers to visit, and not necessarily the obvious!

DIVER Retailer of the Year Vote for any dive store that has given you good value and exemplary service.

DIVER Newcomer of the Year There is an award, but you no longer need to vote – the winners will emerge from among the newcomers with the most votes in the other categories.

Vote Now >

Terms and Conditions

Please note that Diver cannot accept: more than one coupon per envelope… more than one vote per person… faxed or photocopied forms… emailed votes other than through, and then only one per email address… votes from employees or commercial associates for their own or associated organisations.

• It is available to residents of the UK or Republic of Ireland aged 18 and above.

• Closing date is 31 December, 2013, and the draw will be made on 7 January 2014.

Vote Now >

Activity Weekend 12-13 October 2013

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

Activity Weekend at the NDAC Chepstow

The Wire Zip SlideOver the weekend of 12th – 13th October 2013 we have loads of activities happening at the National Diving & Activity Centre (NDAC), Chepstow.

Bungee JumpThe WireFly BoardsFree DivingTreasure HuntFree Live Music • Halloween Night Dive

Below are some of the activities happening at the NDAC, click on the links for further information or to book.

400ft Bungee Jump

The spectacular 400ft, UK’s Highest Bungee jump from UK Bungee Club will be on the site.

Returning due to popular demand, UK Bungee will be back with their 400ft Bungee Jump. Places on these jumps sell out fast, so be quick if you want to take part.


The Wire

The Wire is one of the UK’s longest, tallest and fastest zip slides, running the 700 metre length of the NDAC Quarry is available for bookings all weekend.

Fly Boarding at the NDAC ChepstowFly Boards

The amazing Fly Boards will be operating over the waters of the quarry if you fancy hovering above the waters of our quarry!

These flying boards are a truly indescribable experience! Easy to pick-up, your instructor controls the throttle so you are always controlled and in safe hands. 18+

The Fly Boards will be running throughout the weekend from 8am to 6pm (Rain or Shine). Call Liz or Steve on to book your Fly Boarding slot.


Learn to Freedive

The team from Saltfree Divers are running an AIDA 2 Star Beginner Freediver Course at the NDAC over the weekend.

Fly Boarding at the NDAC ChepstowThis is their entry level freediving course, suitable for total beginners as well as experienced freedivers who don’t yet have a formal qualification. If you are already happy swimming, snorkelling or scuba diving, this freediving course is the place to start.

Full details of the AIDA 2 Star Beginner Freediver Course can be found here>


Fourth Element Treasure Hunt Fourth Element Treasure Hunt

CoinOn Saturday the 12th October we will be running a Fourth Element Treasure Hunt.

Coloured and Silver coins will be hidden underwater in our diving quarry, all you need to do is find one!

CoinThe coins can be exchanged for fantastic Fourth Element prizes.

Find a Silver Coin and you Win a Xerotherm hat

Find the Coloured Coin and you win a Cyclone Jacket

The treasure hunt will be split into two halves, the first during the day and the second will run in the evening during our popular Halloween Spooky Night Dive.

Good luck finding the booty!


Free Live Music at the View Cafe Bar

The Avenue, a four piece covers band, will be playing live concerts at the View Cafe Bar, Chepstow.

They will be great shows and the perfect way to spend the evening after a day of diving or activities.



Fourth Element Treasure Hunt

Halloween Night Dive

Dust down those broomsticks, pack up your cauldrons, and join us for a Halloween night dive full of spooky fun on Saturday 12th October!

Divers will need their night vision skills to try to find the spooky pumpkin lanterns located in the water, but only one of these lanterns will hold the halloween prize.

The evenings entertainment will start at 6.30pm and diving will finish
at 8pm. Once you have finished your dive you will be able to enjoy Free Live Music at the View Cafe Bar with The Avenue Band.

Free Witches Brew and an evening of Spooky fun!

Full details of the Halloween Night Dive can be found here>

Fourth Element Treasure Hunt


Even if you don’t want to take part in the Activities; everyone is welcome to come along and watch the action whilst relaxing and enjoying the great food & drink and spectacular views of our View Cafe Bar.

Why not make a weekend of it and stay at our Wigwam Village.

Hope to see you there, it’s going to be a fantastic weekend!

Easter events at the NDAC. Good Friday – Easter Monday 2013

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Easter at NDAC Dive Centre Chepstow

Easter 2013 at the National Diving & Activity Centre

Starting on Good Friday and continuing through to Easter Monday we will have lots happening over the Easter Weekend at the National Diving & Activity Centre. It’s the perfect excuse to book a wooden wigwam and make a long weekend of glamping and diving.

All divers visiting the site will receive a small Easter egg when then arrive at NDAC.

Easter EggsOn each day of the Easter weekend, from Friday to Monday, we will have a raffle with a giant Easter egg as a top prize.

On Saturday 30th, Sunday 31st and Easter Monday we will hold a BBQ.

For the divers, freedivers and snorkellers there will be eggs hidden underwater throughout the weekend for you to find.

On Saturday 30th we will have a GUE Experience Day.

In the evening there will be a talk at the View Cafe Bar on avoiding incidents.

The 100 ft Freedive Challenge

Friday, May 27th, 2011

Grace Capel 100ft Charity Freedive

Grace Capel has an unusual charity Challenge!

In October 2011, Grace Freediving at NDAC Quarrywill attempt to dive to 100 ft (approximately the height of a ten-storey building) on one breath!

Grace is training with Sam Kirby and Saltfree Divers at the National Diving & Activity Centre, and last week she successfully completed her AIDA** course.

Grace has a fantastic blog that is well worth following to see how her training progresses at:

I thought the weekend couldn’t possibly get any better but once we’d finished the course, there were some time left to playing on the attractions sunk at the end of the quarry; containers, tubes, and even an armoured people carrier! As we were freediving through the container a group of SCUBA divers turned to watch us, wide-eyed! Hannah and I both had “Bond-girl” moments ascending through the tubes. We even got to see the enormous trout that hang around the pontoon, since Daz was kind enough to feed them so that they would come up close, flashing silver as they darted toward the surface. more>

The blog has great diary posts detailing her training from mortal to mermaid, photographs, video footage and much more! Just Giving Grace is doing all this to raise money for the MS Society and you can sponsor her here>

As many of you will know, my Mum lives with Multiple Sclerosis, as does my Auntie. Both are unbelievably positive in the face of chronic pain, and the uncertain future of their health. I would like to support them, and other people like them, by raising money for the MS Society.

If you are interested in starting Freediving, click here for some upcoming Saltfree Freediving Course dates>


Saltfree Divers to host Triple Dip – the UK Freediving Depth Championships

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Saltfree tripple dip. Photo by niall flinn

SaltfreeSaltfree Divers, based at the National Diving and Activity Centre (NDAC) have once again been invited by the British Freediving Association to host the UK Freediving Depth Championship. Running over the weekend of 10-12 June, the competition will involve athletes from all over the UK and overseas, competing in three of the toughest freediving disciplines.

On Saturday 11 June, freedivers will show us how deep they can go without their fins. In the morning, they will compete in “Free Immersion”, where divers pull down the rope using their arms only as propulsion. The UK Records in this discipline are 70m for men (Mark Harris) and 81m for women (Sara Campbell) – both set in warm water. At Triple Dip, in the much more challenging waters of the NDAC, we anticipate having quite a few athletes reaching around the 60m mark.

Free DiveLater in the day, athletes will return to compete in what some consider the very purest form of the sport, “Constant Weight No Fins”. Using only an adapted breast stroke technique to propel them, athletes make the delicate balance between working hard to begin their descent and ascent, and allowing their natural buoyancy to take over to preserve oxygen. A relatively new form of the sport, “No Fins” has become very popular amongst the Saltfree regulars, and we hope to see some performances to rival the current British records (Sara Campbell’s 56m and Dave Tranfield’s 53m).

For those slightly less serious about their “No Fins” – this is also the chance for a challenge at Saltfree’s infamous “bikini dive” record. The diver must go as deep as they can wearing no fins, weights or wetsuit – just a bikini. This slightly mythical record is currently held by the otherwise entirely masculine, David “Lammy” Threlfall at 22m!

Final results will be decided on Sunday with freedivers returning from the pubs, B and Bs and campsites of Chepstow to compete in “Constant Weight with Fins”. Using either a monofin, or long, freediving fins, this is the discipline that just about everyone has a go at. We expect to see depths from 10-15m from our new athletes to the bottom of the quarry (around 70m) from the British Team contenders. UK records are currently well below the bottom of the NDAC, so unless the army lads get their dynamite out, the records are safe for now. There is however a local challenge, as no female has currently reached the bottom of the lake – and only one guy (“Deepest” Dave King) has ever made it.

Results from Triple Dip will count towards selection of the UK Team for this year’s World Championships. The BFA will select the top three male and female athletes in each discipline to represent the UK against the world’s best over 10 days in Kalamata, Greece in late September.

Triple Dip is not just open to super-deep freedive heroes though. Every year freedivers of all abilities take part, facing their own personal challenges and also competing for the coveted “Best Newbie” prize – a computer kindly donated by Suunto. Prizes are also awarded for the best and worst duck dive of the day, and of course a suitable reward for the bikini dive.

For more information, to enter, get involved or join Suunto and the BFA in sponsoring the event, please visit the Saltfree
page on the NDAC site
or contact Sam Kirby

Freediving can be dangerous and should never be attempted without formal training. Do not freedive alone.

Further Info,, , Saltfree page on the NDAC site

follow Saltfree on twitter Follow Saltfree on Twitter @saltfree>

More freediving dates for your diaries>

Interested in being a freedive instructor?>


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