400ft Bungee Jump over Chepstow lake. August Bank Holiday Weekend 2019

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UK Bungee Club return to the National Diving & Activity Centre (NDAC) with their 400ft Bungee Jump over the cliffs and water of our Chepstow lake.

This is a special event over the Bank Holiday Weekend on the 24th, 25th & 26th August 2019 and not to be missed!

Spectators are welcome to watch the action, take in the views, listen to the live music and enjoy delicious food from the decked veranda of the View Cafe Bar throughout the Bank Holiday weekend.

Located in just outside Chepstow, this is a truly iconic jump. As you are raised up to the top of a 300ft crane over a 100ft cliff-face you’ll realise the magnitude of what you are about to undertake; this is a truly unique jump – falling 400ft disappearing into a quarry.

With the surrounding countryside stretching for miles around, the 400ft Bungee Jump does not disappoint, offering fantastic views as you ascend the 300ft crane, the 100ft quarry below will look further away that you imagine and as you hear the words "3, 2, 1, Bungee!" you will need all you courage to take that leap of faith off the platform!

Limited spaces are available now! Tickets are available via the UK Bungee website here »

We will have live music at the site on the Saturday and Monday afternoon/evenings, as well as lots of other activities around the site – so why not make a weekend of it and book a glamping Wigwam.

Bungee Chepstow

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