The Wire Zip Slide & Giant 3G Swing open extra dates over School Summer Holidays

The Giant 3G Swing and Wire Zip Slide will be open extra days throughout the School Summer Holidays.

The Giant 3G Swing and Wire Zip Slide will be open for additional midweek dates throughout the School Summer Holidays. These activities will be available for selected dates Thursday – Tuesday (Closed Wednesdays).

The Wire Zip Slide ChepstowThese special opening times will run from Thursday 26th July until Sunday 2nd September, before returning to our normal opening days/times.

For the specific dates please see the Wire and Swing pages.

The Wire Zip Slide

The Wire is one of the UK’s longest, tallest and fastest zip slides, running the 700 metre length of the spectacular NDAC Quarry.

Launch yourself from the 70m high cliff edge and speed along the length of our 80m deep flooded quarry.

Reaching speeds up to 40 miles per hour this exhilarating ride will take your breath away!

Wire Opening Dates »

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The Giant 3G Swing

The Giant 3G Swing is our latest attraction and for only £19 you can experience weightlessness 245 feet in the air on our ultimate adrenaline-pumping blast!

If you dare, you’ll be strapped into the Giant 3G Swing, The Giant 3G Swing Chepstowhoisted 50ft up into the air and slowly pulled back to the release point…

Then it is down to one of you to pull the ripcord!

After the initial terrifying drop, you’ll launch into the air, feeling the G-force as you swing up into the sky, 245ft over the steep quarry edges of the UK’s Deepest Inland Dive Site.

You will then be momentarily weightless before accelerating through double gravity as you level out at the bottom.

You will continue to swing several times until our experienced staff bring you to a halt and carefully lower you down to the ground.

Giant 3G Swing Opening Dates »


You must be aged over 12 years and taller than 1.3m to ride The Wire/Swing. If under 16 you need to be accompanied by an adult/guardian. Maximum weight limit is 120kg (18.8 stone), Lower Limit is 20kg (3.15 stone). Full T&C»

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