Light-for-me products now available at NDAC

Underwater Video Set for GoPro camera

Light-for-me products are now available at the National Diving & Activity Centre Shop

We have a good range of the Light-for-me products at the NDAC Scuba Equipment Shop. We also have some demonstration underwater torches that you can take underwater and test yourself.

Light-for-me products

Light-for-me range of products

   •   Backup torches

   •   Main torches

   •   E/O connection heads and accus

   •   SideMount E/O accu

   •   Rebreather accessories

   •   Other codura accessories

   •   Reels 100m

The Light-for-me products combine diving experience , manufacturing knowledge and the latest technology.
All our products are manufactured with the highest quality materials and components, with the use of precise CNC machines and with passion for diving in mind.

Light-for-me 7Xre Torch

Light-for-me 7Xre torch

Powerful and robust torch, designed for underwater communication, provides clear beam and penetrates low visibility waters well.

Light-for-me 4TEC

Light-for-me 4TEC

Small head, powerful focused light, ideal for underwater communication, easy to switch on/off. Avaialble as E/O head or umbilical.

Light-for-me Backup XML

Light-for-me Backup XML

Available in two versions: standard and MINI, powerful and focused beam of light, up to 800 lumens, easily switched on by twisting.

Underwater Video Set for GoPro cameraUnderwater Video Set for GoPro camera

Light-for-me Underwater Video Set for GoPro camera – small and compact design with robust and powerful lights.

The set consists of two mini video backups powered by one 18650 Li-Ion battery each, butterfly connectors and a comfortable flat goodman handle.

The lights’ position can be easily adjusted, even underwater. They are bright – 900 lumens each, with wide angle – 120 degrees, switched on by twisting.

Flat goodman handle fits a hand comfrotably, whether in wet or dry glove.

The set (without batteries) weighs only 0.9 kilo so no need to worry about weight limits when travelling!

*The set does not include batteries, charger and GoPro camera.

Might for Me Backup Torch

Light-for-me backup torches

Three different backup types, each in two options – standard and mini

Light-for-me offers a wide variety of backup torches that would suit divers of different diving profiles – from recreational to technical. Each of our backups: TEC, 3XPG and XML is available in two options standard or MINI. Standard backup requires three C size batteries, MINI backups are powered by one 18650 Li-ion battery.
*Backups are sold without any batteries, these need to be purchased separately.

Light-for-me E/O connection Products

Light-for-me E/O connection ProductsLight-for-me E/O connection products include E/O heads: 4TEC, 7XPE, 7XPG and TEK-OONE and ACCU E/O in standard and SideMount version.

Accu E/O enables a diver to connect different E/O compatible heads and/or a heating vest. Accu E/O SideMount is equipped with 90-degree cable outlet.

Other products

Made from high quality codura material

   •   Trim weight pockets

   •   Regulator Protective Bag

   •   Torch Protective Bag

   •   Rebreather tank covers

   •   Gaiter wraps

   •   Wetnotes with mirror

Anna and Peter Light-for-meAbout Light-for-me

Name: Anna & Peter

Diving since: 2007

Anna: Adv EANx OC, CCR HammerHead

Peter: Adv EANx OC, CCR HammerHead

Dives per year: around 150

How to contact us:
Email: ,
Phone: 0044 (0) 7892711168

Let us know if you have any questions or come to NDAC and talk to us!


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