The 100 ft Freedive Challenge

Grace Capel 100ft Charity Freedive

Grace Capel has an unusual charity Challenge!

In October 2011, Grace Freediving at NDAC Quarrywill attempt to dive to 100 ft (approximately the height of a ten-storey building) on one breath!

Grace is training with Sam Kirby and Saltfree Divers at the National Diving & Activity Centre, and last week she successfully completed her AIDA** course.

Grace has a fantastic blog that is well worth following to see how her training progresses at:

I thought the weekend couldn’t possibly get any better but once we’d finished the course, there were some time left to playing on the attractions sunk at the end of the quarry; containers, tubes, and even an armoured people carrier! As we were freediving through the container a group of SCUBA divers turned to watch us, wide-eyed! Hannah and I both had “Bond-girl” moments ascending through the tubes. We even got to see the enormous trout that hang around the pontoon, since Daz was kind enough to feed them so that they would come up close, flashing silver as they darted toward the surface. more>

The blog has great diary posts detailing her training from mortal to mermaid, photographs, video footage and much more! Just Giving Grace is doing all this to raise money for the MS Society and you can sponsor her here>

As many of you will know, my Mum lives with Multiple Sclerosis, as does my Auntie. Both are unbelievably positive in the face of chronic pain, and the uncertain future of their health. I would like to support them, and other people like them, by raising money for the MS Society.

If you are interested in starting Freediving, click here for some upcoming Saltfree Freediving Course dates>


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